About Us

Welcome to Cali Odassa. 

Our first and greatest inspirations were the very people of Newport Beach and their clean, casual, and relaxed style. We were motivated to find and deliver unique and high-quality activewear, health products, and trending essentials that would elevate the individual's lifestyle and aesthetic.

Among our wide range of products, we also currently have an activewear line by F!TM! in production. We know you're excited, but these things take time - especially as this entire line is being designed and made in the USA.

For new product updates or inventory questions, check out our IG @caliodassa or contact us.

We are located in Lido Marina Village and look forward to seeing you soon!

  • At Cali Odassa, we want to bring only the best products to the table.

  • We love working with other small businesses to make this happen.

Our Current Partners

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